Strengthened Export Controls: Pakistan’s Experience,

Current and Future Challenges and Options

Annual Conference

South Asian Strategic Stability Institute

16-17 November 2006 (Bruxelles)

Powerpoint presentations and speeches from the Annual Conference held in Brussels

Welcoming Address (Maria Sultan)
Concept / Agenda
General Ehsan Ul-Haq's speech
Defence Ministers speech (forthcoming)
Speaker CV's
Closing Remarks (Maria Sultan)
Conference Report (forthcoming)
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Role of nuclear export controls Pavel Klucky  
IIAEA Experiences and roles. Anita Nilsson    
Assessing UNSCR 1540’s significance for national export controls    
China's export control_Li Genxin    
Enforcement Sibylle Bauer SIPRI    
Export Controls presentation David Hamon Nov06    
Jamshad HASHMI ppt Final Brussels    
Pakistan Export Controls Regime- Nasir Hussain    
Parvez Butt Brussels 17 Nov 06    
Poong Eil Juhn Presentation    
Poong Eil Juhn Presentation 2    

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1. General Ehsan Ul Haq    
2. Guy Roberts    
3. Jack Boureston    
4. Jamshed Asim Hashmi    
5. John Mattiussi    
6. Khalid Banuri    
7. Parvez Butt    
8. David Hamon    
9. Conference Report    
10. Press Releases    

Speaker photographs and images from the Annual SASSU conference

Ambassador Shahbaz, Pakistan’s Ambassador to Austria and Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the IAEA
Dr Alyson Bailes, Director SIPRI and Khalid Banuri, Director, Arms Control and Disarmament Affairs (ACDA), Strategic Plans Division (SPD) Pakistan
General Ehsan Ul-Haq, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, Pakistan and Maria Sultan, Director South Asian Strategic Stability Institute
Panel on Enforcement of Export Controls, Left to right; Andreas Persbo VERTIC, Dr. Sibylle Bauer SIPRI, Maria Sultan SASSI, Zawar Abidi, SPD Pakistan and Dr. Syed Arif Ahmad Director of Safety Pakistan Atomic Energy Committee.”
Poong Eil Juhn Special Advisor Korea Atomic Energy Research Agency

Speakers Left to right:
Dr. Syed Arif Ahmad Director of Safety Pakistan Atomic Energy Committee, Zawar Abidi SPD Pakistan, Khalid Banuri Director, Arms Control and Disarmament Affairs (ACDA), Strategic Plans Division (SPD) Pakistan,

Jamshed Hasmi Chairman Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority,

Dr. Steven Pullinger Executive Director ISIS Europe, Maria Sultan Director SASSI, Pervaiz Butt Federal Secretary Ministry of Science and Technology,

Zulfqar Khan Senior Research Fellow Islamabad Policy Research Institute and Nazir Hussain Former Director General Disarmament MFA, Pakistan



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